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Dorm Decorating Style and Tips : By Taylor Numbers

Dorm Decorating Style and Tips : By Taylor Numbers

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College is a place of opportunity. A time to either let your true self shine or to completely reinvent yourself. And what better way is there to express yourself than decorating your newest safe haven- your dorm. There are many routes you could take. From choosing a theme like boho or sassy chic and running with it to covering the walls with your favorite band’s posters.  Whatever path you choose make sure your dorm represents you as a person.

Although your move-in dates are probably a few weeks away there is still plenty of time to gather up a few unique items to make your dorm stand out. Here are a few dorm decorating items that are sure to brighten up your area while helping you remain inspired.

  1. Twinkle lights:

Twinkle lights can be used in a variety of ways. You could create a dramatic backdrop or use them as a unique way to display your pictures from home.Unfortunately, University regulations oftentimes prohibit normal hanging methods such as nails or pushpins. However, Command Hooks are a quick and easy way to hang up your twinkle light displays without breaking any rules.


  1. Pennant flags

If you are inspired by the chic styles of the derby then pennant flags are an excellent way to spruce up your dorm. They are lightweight so hanging them should be fairly easy and they can be made to match your decor. You can even create your own with some fabric and twine.

  1. Succulents

Nothing is more moving than watching a living thing bloom. Normal houseplants such as flowers could prove quite a task for a college student who is just learning to make it on their own. Succulents, on the other hand, are members of the cacti family and only need watered a few times a week. Just keep them by the window and watch them flourish throughout the semester. Decorate their pots or add bright fish pebbles on top of their soil to create a look all your own.

  1. Pillows

Dorm rooms don’t leave a lot of options for friends to gather. An abundance of pillows is a great way to decorate your room while offering a cozy spot to sit whenever you have visitors.

  1. Wall decals

There are a wide variety of decals all over the internet. Whether you are looking for a silhouette, a picture or a wallpaper pattern you’ll be sure to find whatever you want plus more. Prices may range but Target, Amazon and Walmart are great places to start if you are working on a budget.

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